Armenian Jewellers Foundation to Award 50 New Scholarships Globally in 2016

Armenian Jewellers Foundation to Award 50 New Scholarships Globally in 2016  –

Geneva, February 2016 — The Armenian Jewellers Foundation (AJF) has announced it will grant 50 new scholarships in 2016. The AJF scholarships program promotes new capacity in the jewellery and diamond sector both in Armenia and the Diaspora. Graduates are expected to gain solid knowledge in gemstones, including diamonds, helping them embark on new careers in the jewellery sector.

 In Armenia, applicants are called to apply for study in the full-time intensive Diamond Grading program at the Armenian Gemological Laboratory and Academy (AGLA). Applicants from the following communities will be considered: residents of Artsakh and Armenian provinces, Syrian Armenians, Diasporans. More information and forms may be requested in writing AJF or

 In Canada, the AJF program exclusively supports recent Syrian Armenian refugees. Among the tens of thousands of Syrian Armenian expatriates who relocated to Armenia and elsewhere, a significant number chose to apply for residency in Canada. Therefore, newcomers from this community in Canada who wish to study gemology at the École de gemmologie de Montréal (EGM) may apply for AJF grants. More information and forms may be obtained in writing from AJF or

 On January 28, 2016, a group of 13 new Syrian Armenian refugees already began their studies at EGM. They were chosen from close to 43 applicants who attended AJF’s information sessions. The previous class of expatriates who completed their Gemology 1 and Diamond Grading laboratory courses were invited on January 27 to EGM to receive their ‘Attestation’ certificates. Of the latter, 7 graduates were selected to continue their studies in Gemology 2. “We are extremely lucky to have this opportunity to learn at such a reputable Canadian institution, which is giving us top knowledge and expertise. I am confident this will help all of us integrate and improve our employment prospects. Thanks to AJF I was recently offered a new job and re-launched my career as a jeweller in Canada,” said student Viken Apkarian.

 “We wholeheartedly thank our AJF Scholarship Fund sponsors for supporting our educational mission, as well as refugee integration efforts. We look forward to partnering with new patrons, and promoting more young talents in becoming the next generation of industry leaders,” said AJF Chairman Pierre Akkelian. “Our sponsors’ generosity has allowed AJF to grant 45 scholarships to-date to students from Armenia, Artsakh, Syria, Iraq, Georgia and Lebanon. Namely, we recognize the Birks Family Foundation, Canadian Jewellers Association, Jewelers Mutual Insurance, École de gemmologie de Montréal, Armenian Gemological Laboratory and Academy, Invessa Financial & Insurance company, Melisende Diamonds, AJA Ontario, AJA Montreal, as well as Pierre Hajjar, Lucy Kilisian, Alfred Boghossian, Apkar Papazian, Habib Malo, Levon Yappar, Vahe Urun, Diran Avedian, Harout Missirian and Sylvia Minassian.”

 The Armenian Jewellers Foundation was established in 2013 to advance the heritage of Armenians in jewellery. Its mission is to undertake historical research, document new success-stories and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the younger generation.

 AJF calls on its patrons and supporters, as well as the wider community to help provide young Armenians with new opportunities for a better future through quality education and training. Make an impact today by becoming a sponsor, donate via our website by credit card or contact us for more information at

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