Armenia’s National Security Service Ensures Border Security

National Security Service Director Gorik Hakobyan (Source: Armenpress)

National Security Service Director Gorik Hakobyan (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The National Security Service of Armenia confirms the safety and security of the bordering communities of Armenia and Artsakh. In the past year, Azerbaijani armed groups have made several attempts to escalate the situation on the contact line by organizing subversive operations at the border which have all failed. Armenia’s National Security Service Director Gorik Hakobyan brought up these issues during a session organized for the Day of the National Security Service Officer.

“National Security agencies managed to fulfill their duties keeping our population away from harmful activities of the adversary by ensuring the security of bordering communities and preventing reconnaissance infiltrations in collaboration with relevant divisions of the army, police, territorial administration and local self-government bodies”, the Director added.

“15 Azerbaijani and Turkish agents have been revealed and convicted by National Security agencies of the Republic of Armenia since 1993. The overwhelming part of counter-intelligence activities against the adversary are preventive measures”, Hakobyan said.

Hakobyan reminded that numerous announcements have been made revealing the real motives and behavior of Azerbaijani Special Forces in the recent years, which have significantly contributed to raising awareness and the vigilance of our public. The NSS Director informed that two Armenian citizens collaborating with Azerbaijani special services have also been revealed and arrested as a result of an investigation.

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