European Green Party condemns the Armenian Genocide

European Green Party Condemns the Armenian Genocide – 

Mediamax – A resolution on the Armenian Genocide was adopted at the 23rd European Green Party Council in Lyon, on Sunday, November 15. The text acknowledges that the Ottoman Empire perpetrated Genocide against the Armenian people.

 It also calls on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and work towards reconciliation with the Armenia and its people.  

With this initiative the European Green Party calls upon all countries which have not yet done so to publicly recognize the Armenian Genocide. It underlines that doing so will positively impact the normalization of the relations between Turkey and Armenia and help prevent further crimes against humanity. 

The resolution demands the Turkish government to re-evaluate historical and cultural narratives and open its archives to historians, researchers and academics in an effort to come to terms with the past. 

The resolution emphasizes that everybody has the right to have their history recognized and their culture respected.  

“The European Green Party resolution on the centenary of the Armenian genocide aims at reminding every country that they have a part to play for a more peaceful world. This is one of the reasons, why Turkey has to stop now its state policy of denial”, said vice-chair of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and member of the European Friends of Armenia Advisory Council, Michèle Rivasi.

The European Green Party is a pan-European political party which federates over 45 Green parties across Europe, present also in Eastern Partner countries.

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