What Is The Reach Of Armenia’s Long Range Missiles?

What Is The Reach Of Armenia’s Long Range Missiles? –

Yerevan- ‘Jame’ news outlet reports that the azerbaijani army’s longest range missile system is the russian ‘Tochka-U’, which has a range of 120 km and the second longest range missile system at the disposal of Azerbaijan is the ‘Smerch’ system, which can strike targets located 70 km away. In case of strikes from Nakhichevan Azerbaijan can use Israeli and Turkish missile systems, which mostly can damage Armenia’s Araradian vally.

On the other hand Armenia has at its desposal ‘R-17 Scud’ and ‘Iskander’ missiles, which can accurately hit targets located at a distance of 300 km. These are the missile systems that worry most the azerbaijani leadership, because in case of an all out war Armenia’s middle range ‘Tochka’, ‘Typhoon’ and ‘Smerch’ missile systems can hit Azerbaijan’s second largest city Ganja (Kantsag) and its surrounding region. This city is not far from the demarcation line and has a population of 1 million. Armenia’s long range missile systems can hit Baku and the Caspian oil fields.

Armenia’s missiles can in a matter of minutes destroy any infrastructure in the Azerbaijani territory. A fact that hampers Aliyev’s regime, especially when the population starts to lose its confidence in its leadership and the army.

Azerbaijani columnist Movsun Haciyev in a long article about Baku’s propaganda machine reveals that neither the Azerbaijani leadership, nor the Azerbaijani army are ready for a new war. ‘The start of millitary operations can put an end to Azerbaijan’s oil trade. Armenians can target the sacrosanct Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. For Azerbaijan’s today’s regime even the permanant loss of Karabakh is less scary than the slowdown of the flow of usurped petrodollars’, writes Haciyev. 


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