Self-governance declared in Bulanık, Mush

Self-governance declared in Bulanık, Mush –

ANF News – People’s Assembly and representatives of political parties and institutions declared self-governance in Bulanık district of Mush.

HDP, DBP, Neighborhood Assemblies, and MEYADER administrators as well as district co-mayors declared self-governance in a public meeting in front of the DBP District building.

DBP Co-President Zeynep Topcu spoke on behalf of the crowd and said that they no longer saw legitimacy in state institutions run by administrators appointed by AKP.


Topcu stated that the City Council decided to implement self-governance as a stance against the destructive regime that is targeting civilians, and that they would not accept the authoritarianism of the state and the illegitimate AKP. Topcu said that they did not have to accept everything that is enforced from Ankara upon the people, and did not want to be governed by city and district governors appointed by the state. As Kurdish people, Topcu said that they wanted to be governed by administrations that they elect through democratic and legitimate means, and therefore would like to govern themselves through self-governance. Topcu noted that the monist nation state mentality of the 20th century did not satisfy people’s demands, and the developments of the last one and a half month summarized the historical period of the previous 100 years.

Topcu emphasized that the illegitimate AKP government declared an all-out war and threatened an entire society to pay heavy prices because of their decision to adopt democratic self-governance. Topcu noted that the recent arrests of thousands of people, street executions, village burnings and evacuations, forest burnings, and torture of dead bodies were clear indications of what the monist mentality was planning to do with its all-out war.


The Democratic City Council stated that the army, the police and the constitution ignore differences and aim to dissolve them at the same time, and that the council would no longer see this regime and its institutions as legitimate. The council declared that they would govern themselves from now on against the illegitimate regime that is carrying an all-out war.

Bulanik was formerly the old Armenian town of Kop’ (Armenian: Կոփ), which was the center of the district of Hark, in the north-eastern part of Historical Armenia’s Taron-Turuberan province.

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