Turkish Pastor Visits Armenian Genocide Memorial at Fresno State (video)

Turkish Pastor Visits Armenian Genocide Memorial at Fresno State (video) 

Your Central Valley – To understand the significance of these two people walking in reconciliation, placing a symbolic wreath at the Armenian Genocide memorial at Fresno State, you have to understand one is Armenian, the other Turkish.
We want to embrace my Armenian brothers and sisters and ask for forgiveness from them,” said Turkish Pastor Hakan Tastan, as his wife Esay translated in English.
It’s an apology that’s been 100 years coming, as Tastan apologizes for the Armenian Genocide carried out by his ancestors.

More than 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of Ottoman Turks–an atrocity the Turkish government denies.

“The American community has welcomed us and embraced the genocide–understanding it and the pain that we experienced, but to have a Turk share your pain–that’s huge,” said Greg Haroutunian, pastor at First Armenian Presbyterian Church in Fresno.

Tastan, the Turkish pastor, has taken this bold step even in his own country.

He’s been beaten and threatened for his Christian faith and his newfound mission.

“Even though I live or die, I will serve him. And I will take the further step for this reconciliation,” Tastan said.

“I believe he’s truly heroic to put his own life on the line,” Haroutunian said.

After the gathering, local Armenians took the message of forgiveness to the Pilgrim Armenian Congregational Church in Fresno.  

More than twenty nations formally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Some states in the U.S. do, but the U.S. as a whole, has not.

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