Belgium Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Belgium Recognizes Armenian Genocide –

Armenpress – The Belgian Chamber of Representatives ratified a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide on July 23.

 The draft resolution on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide was submitted by MP Peter De Roover, who calls on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and to reconcile the Armenians and Turks “in hopes of bright universal future”. In 1998 the Senate of Belgium Recognized the Armenian.

 Foreign Affairs Committee of Belgium’s House of Representatives voted for the draft resolution of the Belgian Government on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide sending it for voting in the plenary session of the House of Representatives. The draft resolution recognizes and condemns the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and calls on Turkey and Armenia to seek for reconciliation.

 The Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel recognized the Armenian Genocide on behalf of his government on June 18.



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