Karabakh warns Azerbaijan against using “larger-caliber weapons”

Karabakh warns Azerbaijan against using “larger-caliber weapons” –

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s (NKR) military has accused Azerbaijan of spreading misinformation to justify its use of large-caliber weapons against Armenian settlements. 

In a statement released on Tuesday the NKR Defense Ministry, in particular, referred to the statement by Azerbaijan’s defense minister who, accusing the Armenian side of shelling peaceful settlements, stated that the territories which are beyond reach for Azeri firearms will be subjected to fire from larger-caliber armaments.

In its statement the NKR Defense Ministry emphasized that the Armenian side has never initiated ceasefire violations. “To prove this, the Karabakh side expresses its readiness to carry out an observation on the ground with the participation of the international observers to find out the actual truth,” it said, vowing retaliation in the event of Azerbaijan’s acting on its threats to use larger-caliber weapons to shell Armenian settlements and military facilities. 

“At the same time, the NKR Defense Ministry states that the whole responsibility for the tension created in the frontline will lie with the Azerbaijani side,” the statement reads.

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