Now is the time to help Syrian Refugees in Armenia succeed

Now is the time to help Syrian Refugees in Armenia succeed –

We recently came across this very inspiring poster by UNHCR showcasing kids in Syrian refugee camps. The failure to act in a humane way will forever be engraved in history as a “stain on the conscience of the international community”. So far Nearly four million civilians have left Syria, making the Syrian people the largest refugee population in the world.

The Government of Armenia, while not an immediate neighboring country to Syria has had its fair share of Syrian refugees in the past 5 years, where thousands have sought shelter.  The influx of such a large number of people into the country of only three million is noticeable everywhere on the streets of Yerevan.  The Ministry of the Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia has tried its best (given its modest means) by providing health, education and social services to the arriving Syrian refugees.

It is now the Armenian Diaspora’s turn to join in humanitarian interventions to help distressed Refugees in Syria and/or Syrian refugees in Armenia or Lebanon. Just like Near East Relief and Others assisted the Diaspora’s first generation of refugees a century ago.

The Armenian refugees pouring out of Syria have been bringing with them the experiences of that war. A war much more brutal and devastating in its nature than anything Armenians have experienced in the last 100 years. It’s very personal.

What Armenians experienced a century ago was also personal, focused directly at them. Today’s war doesn’t focus on Armenian’s; they are the unfortunate byproduct of the warmongers clashing ideologies. But does that make the suffering any less? Does that make a child’s pain of losing a parent to a kidnapper or to a bomb any less? Does it make a parent want to protect their child any less?

Its inconceivable for the civilized world to stand and watch & not do what It can to help a fellow parent protect their child? Their experiences will not change and the memories will take years to fade, but at least we can help provide the basics of life – food, clothing and shelter. It doesn’t take much.

The #RootsForRefugees campaign is an opportunity to come together to make a difference in the lives of Syrian refugee families. Only together, can we make the greatest difference.

#RootsForRefugees campaign ends July 4th; make sure you are counted in history. Make a gift today to create possibility and transform lives.

It’s easy!

1. Go To  #RootsForRefugees

2.  Pick your perk.

3. Insert your details as the donor and we’ll send you a tax deductible donation receipt.

4. And to boot, our anonymous donor will double your donation in the last week of the campaign !

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