Turkish TV Accidentally Airs Genocide Centennial Events Instead of Gallipoli

CSNBC Turkey shows footage from Armenian Genocide centennial commemorations in Yerevan during a report on Turkey’s Gallipoli celebrations.

ISTANBUL (ArmRadio)—On April 24, CNBC Turkey mistakenly aired footage from the commemorations of the Armenian Genocide centennial instead of Gallipoli celebrations during its news program.

While the anchorwoman spoke about the events marking the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, footage on the background was showing commemoration of the Armenian Genocide centenary at the Dzidzernagapert Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan.

CNBC showed Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian welcoming foreign dignitaries. Only close to the end of the report, Erdogan was shown placing flowers at the memorial of the Battle of Gallipoli.

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