Dashnaktsutyun MP reflects on coalition and seven points

Dashnaktsutyun MP reflects on coalition and seven points – 

Armenianow – Speculations about two former coalition partners getting back together were confirmed on Friday by the parliamentary leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) who said that they will enter the coalition if their seven-point demands addressed to the government are carried out. 

During the Friday Parliamentary briefings Armen Rustamyan said that there is progress regarding the seven-point demands that they presented to the government still last year and probably that is the reason there are so many conversations about their forming a coalition with the ruling Republican Party of Armenia.

As for progress, Rustamyan mentioned the withdrawal of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols from parliament, the transition to a parliamentary form of government; however he also said that the ARF is not yet satisfied with the steps taken.

“There are political forces that call themselves opposition but actually they do everything not to allow the opposition to expand. Both in the coalition and outside it the ARF is the advocate of its principles,” Rustamyan said, adding that after the seven points are realized they will appear where they need to be. “Why shouldn’t we? Yes, we will enter the coalition and will realize those changes even faster.”

Rustamyan said that the ARF will enter any coalition if it opens paths for realizing its political programs.

“We entered coalitions with the same conditions before and came out when our ideas were ignored,” the lawmaker said.

Still after the 2008 presidential election the ARF, the Prosperous Armenia Party and Orinats Yerkir parties formed a coalition with the ruling Republican Party of Armenia of President Serzh Sargsyan. However, a year later the ARF left it over differences regarding the process of normalization with Turkey in which President Sargsyan engaged then. 

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