Armenian Genocide commemorative billboard on display in Toronto

Armenian Genocide commemorative billboard on display in Toronto –

A large size Armenian Genocide commemorative billboard is on display in Toronto Canada near a Major Highway, adjacent to the Armenian Youth Centre of Toronto, 45 Hallcrown Place, Willowdale, Ontario.

Since the Armenian Genocide took place, millions of people have been the target of genocide, torture, rape, dispossession, and murder. These are only some of the genocides and mass atrocities that followed the Armenian Genocide of 1915: the Holocaust (1933-1945); Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979); ethnic cleansing in Bosnia (1992-1995); Rwandan Genocide (1994); and Darfur Genocide (2003).

A century ago in the Ottoman Empire, genocide was carried out against the Armenians, while reporters and foreign dignitaries, ambassadors and consuls, alerted the leadership of their respective countries. Henry Morgenthau Sr., the U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, sent several appeals and protests to Ottoman officials as well as to the State Department. In 1915, the New York Times published 150 articles, one just about every other day, reporting on the ongoing atrocities. 

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