Erdogan associates Dink murder with Gulen movement

Erdogan associates Dink murder with Gulen movement –

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has completely changed his view which he had expressed eight months ago, and in connection with the murder of journalist Hrant Dink—the founder and chief editor of Agos Armenian bilingual weekly of Istanbul, who was shot dead on January 19, 2007 outside the office of his weekly.

This time Erdogan stated that Dink’s assassination is linked to the “parallel structure” [i.e. the Gulen movement, which is a transnational religious and social movement led by Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic opinion leader who currently lives in a self-imposed exile in the US], reported website of Turkey.

“It is a premeditated murder; it has nothing to do with negligence,” Erdogan said. “When the ties linked to this [murder] case become apparent, the details of the murder will be revealed.”

Eight months ago, however, the president of Turkey had stated that Dink’s murder was not orchestrated, and it was carried out solely by an individual.


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