Hamaskayin Seeks Contributions for Armenian Mobile App. for Children


‘Lala & Ara: World of Colors,’ an Armenian language educational mobile game, would be available for iOS and Android devices.

BEIRUT, Lebanon—Hamaskayin is seeking to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign to launch a mobile application that would allow young children to learn basic Armenian through a fun, interactive method.


Called “Lala & Ara: World of Colors,” the mobile game will feature colorful characters that will guide children through a number of lessons. The game will allow children to learn in both Eastern and Western dialects of Armenian.

“The game features Lala & Ara, two main characters who will guide children as young as three years old through the various levels of the application,” the application’s Kickstarter page explains. “Choosing one of the 10 basic colors of the game, the child will have a choice of 4 games in every color, each one contributing to the development of his memory, concentration, logic and language skills. Moreover, the games encourage children’s creativity, imagination and multitasking abilities.”

The app. will be available for free download, but will feature in-app. purchases. Hamaskayin is seeking to raise $15,000 through their Kickstarter campaign in order to develop and publish the application. $7,247 has already been raised through contributions as of Feb. 5, with less than 40 days remaining to reach the $15,000 goal. Contributors will receive special gifts and rewards for certain amounts of donations.

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