Artsakh Forces Take Control of Helicopter Crash Site

Artsakh Forces Take Control of Helicopter Crash Site –

STEPANAKERT—The crash site of an unarmed Mi-24 helicopter downed by Azerbaijan last week, which resulted in the death of three Armenian servicemen, is under the permanent control of Armenian troops, Artsakh’s Ministry of Defense reported Friday.

 The crash site has been under heavy fire from the Azerbaijani side since the helicopter was downed on Nov. 12, making it impossible for Armenian workers to reach the site and retrieve the bodies of the three servicemen on board, who are presumed dead.

“The adversary used weapons of different caliber, including grenades, as it violated the truce about 190 times the night of November 21,” a statement from Artsakh’s Defense Ministry said.

The statement added that Artsakh troops have taken all necessary measures to protect the crash site and the surrounding frontline area.

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, an unarmed Mi-24 helicopter belonging to the Artsakh Air Force was shot down by the Azerbaijani armed forces while conducting an exercise flight. The Commander of the staff was the Major Sergey Sahakyan, accompanied by Senior Lieutenant Sarkis Nazaryan and Lieutenant Azat Sahakyan.

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