Aram I Discusses ISIS in Teheran

Catholicos Aram I with other representatives of the Armenian Church at a meeting with Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani in Tehran

TEHERAN (Armenpress)—The Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, Aram I, was hosted by the Iran’s Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani in Tehran on Saturday. Iran’s Mehr news agency reports that the Catholicos Aram I expressed appreciation for Iran’s support for the Armenian community and said, “Armenians in Iran enjoy plenty of freedom and hold long-standing close relations with the Muslim majority in Iran.”

Aram I said he considers terrorism a global catastrophe and the main concern of all nations and said, “Terrorist movements are abusing divine religions for their own purpose.”

He also deemed Iran’s role in countering terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon important and effective and said, “all countries must acknowledge Iran’s prominent and constructive role in combating terrorist groups in the region.”

Ali Larijani, while expressing gratitude for the positive role of the Armenian community in Iran during the years after the Islamic Revolution and particularly during the Iran-Iraq War, said, “Iran has always held its Armenian community in high regard and many friendly relations have been in progress between Iranian Muslims and the Armenian community in Iran.”

In regard to regional developments, Larijani deemed “the reinforcement of terrorist groups by the world powers” as the greatest current issue in the region and said, “these terrorist groups have been causing problems for all followers of divine religions and will not show mercy to any of them.”

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