Ancient Humans Innovated Stone Tools in Armenia

Ancient Humans Innovated Stone Tools in Armenia –

Thousands of artifacts from the Paleolithic era recovered from a 325,000 years old place in Armenia, an archaeological study, published in the journal, Science stated. These artifacts allow researchers to collect data regarding how ancient advancements developed and spread around the globe.

According to the researchers, ‘local innovation’ rather than ‘population expansion’ seems to be the major reason that drove technological developments into the old world. Certainly, this means our ancestors didn’t need to wait for the technology transfer. Instead, they better develop new technologies on their own. This was the way how technologies emerged in Eurasia around 325,000 years ago.

Group of researchers from all over the globe, including a group Royal Holloway, University of London had basis to think that an ancient technique named as ‘Levallois’ was used to create hunting weapons such as stone tools. These weapons were actually originated in Africa and transmitted to the other continents with the passage of time. Moreover, this technology was in fact previously part of these earliest Armenian groups, who flourished 325,000-335,000 years ago. Another technique used in this region is known as ‘Bi-face’ which could be believed as somewhat similar to Levallois. These instruments were firstly analyzed by the researchers and told that the volcanic material was used in them, which was discovered in Nor Geghi in Kotayk Province, Armenia.

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