The National Archive seeks to compile the list of Armenian Genocide victims

The National Archive seeks to compile the list of Armenian Genocide victims –

Armradio – A century ago the world was caught in the clutches of the First World War, and the Armenians did not stay apart.  The Armenian Genocide was also the direct consequence of WWI.

The Armenian National Archive has prepared a Russian book titled “The Participation of Armenians in the First World War,” which was published in Moscow. A three-volume publication titled  “The Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey” has also been released. The first volume has already been translated into English and Turkish, Director of the National Archive Amatuni Virabyan told reporters today.

He said the National Archive will compile the list of Armenian Genocide victims.

“Jews have collected names of six million victims of the Holocaust and three million photos. In our case the number is small, as we are too late. Nevertheless, we think it’s possible to collect at least 300 thousand names,” Virabyan said.

One of the most important initiatives the National Archive plans ahead of the Genocide centennial is called “100 names.”

“We’ll try to present the names of 100 Armenians, who survived the Armenian Genocide, found refuge in different countries and succeeded in the fields of culture, science, business and others,” Director of the National Archive said. One of the examples is Arshile Gorky, who survived the Genocide and became world famous.

“The 100th anniversary is not the end, it’s the beginning,” Virabyan says. He assures that Armenia has all necessary documents to prove that the massacres of 1915 constituted a well-organized genocide.


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