ISIS threatens to conquer the Vatican, ‘break the crosses of the infidels’ –

ISIS threatens to conquer the Vatican, ‘break the crosses of the infidels’ –

The new issue of Islamic State’s English-language magazine Dabiq is out and features the Vatican on its front cover, a black flag with white Arab lettering atop the Egyptian obelisk at St. Peter’s Square.

The cover story dubbed “The Failed Crusade” envisions the ancient Italian city under the rule of a Caliph and a hardline Sharia regime.

The lengthy article, which glosses the pages of the online propaganda magazine, calls on aspiring jihadists to target the Catholic Church and followers of the Christian faith.

The Islamist organization claims it will one day conquer Rome, threatening to “break [the] crosses” of infidels and sell and trade their women.

Would-be jihadist fighters and Dabiq‘s growing reader base are encouraged to go after every possible Crusader, their term for Westerners who oppose their advance.

Islamic State has killed and driven out large numbers of Christians and other religious groups in area they’ve seized – including Shi’ite Muslims – who do not abide by their strict version of Sunni Islam.

Pope Francis, realizing the ballooning threat IS poses, has been an ardent critic of the organization, voicing his concern on multiple occasions about their prominence in the Middle East. He has called for international action to stop the group and backed the US-led coalition which has been striking Islamic State targets in recent weeks.

The newly-released fourth issue of the magazine also reiterates previous calls to attack Westerners, wherever they may be found. 

The Jerusalem Post

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