Bayık: Weapons for PKK would be a blow to ISIS

Bayık: Weapons for PKK would be a blow to ISIS –

(DİHA) – Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive committee co-President Cemil Bayık has commented on the subject of Germany providing weapons to South Kurdistan (KRG), saying that delivering weapons to the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) would be striking a blow to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gangs.

The remarks were carried in the German newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, where Bayık said that resisting ISIS and helping in cooperating against it was a humanitarian duty and remarked that such gangs were killing not only Kurds, but Syriacs/Assyrians, Yarsanis, Turkmens all other faith and ethnic groups. Bayık argued that it was the HPG, YJA-STAR; YPG/YPJ that had best resisted and struck the most blows against ISIS, as well as these same groups who were defending Kurds together with other faith and identity groups. Bayık went on to add that if Germany was considering arming the Kurds it needs to consider the effectiveness of the PKK in stopping ISIS.

‘It was the PKK who most deserved armed support’

Bayık made it clear that while they were not against the arming of South Kurdistan by the USA, Germany and other European States that they were in a position to say it was the PKK who most deserved such support. To arm the PKK would be a blow to ISIS, Bayık said. It would also mean protecting Kurds, Christians, Turkmen and all other faith and cultural groups. “For this reason” he concluded “we see it as the responsibility of the USA and European States, above all Germany, to aid the PKK and are people who are resisting with weapons without delay.”

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