Artsakh Always Ready to Defend Itself, Commander Says

Artsakh Always Ready for War, Commander Says –

STEPANAKERT (ArmInfo)—Azerbaijan’s latest attacks on the Artsakh border once again showed how furiously Baku seeks to seize the Artsakh Republic and take control of its entire territory, Defense Army Commander Movses Hakobyan told reporters Wednesday. He recalled the truce achieved 20 years ago at the request of Azerbaijan, who applied to Russia for mediation.


“Azerbaijan seeks to seize Karabakh and keeps blackmailing the OSCE Minsk Group. Baku makes absurd territorial claims demanding Zangezour and Yerevan,” he said. Movses Hakobyan emphasized that Azerbaijan declines any possible peaceful solutions to the conflict proposed by the OSCE Minsk Group, the tripartite mediating body in the Artsakh conflict.

According to him, Azerbaijan overestimates the capabilities of its armed forces. Although they have invested significant amount of petro dollars in the armed forces in the last years, they will not achieve their cherished goals, Hakobyan said. He pointed to the “grave consequences” of Azerbaijan’s offensive attempts of the last weeks.

“I’d like to recall that in 1992 the ratio of the Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces was one to twenty.

“At present, the ratio is one to two in favor of the enemy. However, the NKR Defense Army is being constantly modernized and upgraded. We conducted specialized military exercises. Military equipment has been replenished and the catering quality has been improved,” Hakobyan said.

As for resumption of full-scale hostilities, Hakobyan said: “We expect war every day. And the goal of our army is to stand ready for it.”

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