‘Armenia, Ancient Nation Endangered’

‘Armenia, Ancient Nation Endangered’ –

‘Armenia, Ancient Nation Endangered,’ by Eva Medzorian

WINCHESTER, Mass.—A new documentary video, “Armenia, Ancient Nation Endangered” produced by Eva Medzorian was released July 15, 2014. This documentary exposes the escalating danger confronting Armenians residing in the villages bordering the Northeastern corner of Armenia and Azerbaijan, a four hour drive from Yerevan in the Shamshadin Region of the Tavush Province, clustered around the central town of Berd.


Portrayed by first-hand documentary videos coupled with a brief history of Armenia over the past 2000 years, Eva tells a moving story of Armenia, an ancient nation with a rich Christian heritage, constantly under persecution by its neighbors, yet through the tenacity of its people, surviving throughout centuries. Now it is confronted by yet another threat of annihilation, this time by hawkish neighbor Azerbaijan encouraged and supported by ally Turkey. Tragically, most of the civilized world knows very little about Armenia, and what news that does surface is distorted, or hardly reported.

Documentary producer Eva Medzorian commented, “Over the past four decades I have visited Armenia over 60 times and witnessed the country during the Soviet period and post-independence. I have travelled to border villages and seen the hardships and dangers confronting the people, especially on the hostile Azerbaijan border. I felt it was time to tell the story as it truly is. To ensure accuracy of historical and modern aspects, I consulted with noted Yerevan expert historian Eduard Danielyan.” The video can be accessed free on YouTube.

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