Moscow Police Detain “Psychics” From Armenia, Central Asia

Moscow Police Detain “Psychics” From Armenia, Central Asia –

Moscow police have detained more than two dozen “false psychics” from Central Asia and Armenia.

Moscow’s Interior Affairs Department said on July 28 that 27 suspects, mainly from Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, have been detained in Moscow and suburbs.

The suspects, led by a 48-years-old man and a 45-year-old woman from Moscow whose names were not revealed, are suspected in a mass fraud.

Investigators say the group has been cheating ordinary people, “forecasting their future” and organizing “ceremonies to cure their health problems” and to solve other personal issues.

The group has been active in Moscow for a long time and received up to 100 phone calls per day from potential “clients.”

According to police, the group has illegally obtained more than 800 million rubles ($22,800,000) from Moscow residents.


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