ANCA’s Hachikian Headed to Armenia: Policies and Priorities

Ken Hachikian

WASHINGTON—Armenian National Committee of America’s Chairman Ken Hachikian is traveling to Armenia for high level consultations in Yerevan with officials of the U.S., Armenian, and Nagorno Karabakh governments, as well as for in-depth discussions with a broad range of international stakeholders in the Armenian Cause, reported the ANCA on its Facebook page.

Hachikian looks forward to bringing the ANCA’s contribution to the strengthening of consensus around shared national aims, and, in particular, to helping foster an environment of growing trust and increased cooperation on the shared challenges facing the Armenian nation.

Hachikian will address a broad range of issues. Among these will be a just resolution of the Armenian Genocide, a secure future for the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, and, of course, a more robust U.S.-Armenia bilateral relationship – particularly in terms of trade and investment. Priority areas are expected to include the following:

– In terms of a just resolution of the Armenian Genocide, he will continue to seek an exit strategy out of the failed Turkey-Armenia Protocols that will both mitigate the ongoing harm of these reckless accords and also, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, remove a critical barrier to a just and enduring international resolution of this crime against all humanity.

– In voicing support for ongoing OSCE efforts to keep the Karabakh peace, he will also raise concerns about the specifics of the flawed “Madrid Principles.” These principles call on the Armenian side to make up-front and irrevocable strategic concessions in return for Ilham Aliyev’s vague promises about the future status of Artsakh. If put into practice, they would not lead to the peace they promise, but only to Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s seeking to force even more dangerous Armenian concessions.

– Recognizing the increasingly powerful connections between Armenia’s progress in domestic development for all of her citizens and her regional security, he will help promote greater homeland-diaspora engagement toward a fair, prosperous and democratic Armenia that turns the dangerous tide of out-migration and offers a sustainable future of hope and opportunity to all her sons and daughters.

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