Alecco and Annie Bezikian Allocate $1 Million to Needy Armenian Families in Lebanon

The contribution is in honor of 25th Anniversary of Catholicos Aram I’s Enthronement

To mark the 25th anniversary of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia’s enthronement, it was announced that long-time benefactors Mr. & Mrs. Alecco and Annie Bezikian will allocate $1 million assistance to needy Armenian families in Lebanon, whose lives have been ravaged by the economic crisis facing the country, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic.

Expressing its immense gratitude, the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia said that during the past two months, the Bezikians have provided 350 million Lebanese pounds assistance for the same purpose.

The project, which enjoys the blessing and backing of the Catholicos, will be carried out by the Prelacy of Lebanon, which has appointed a special committee to oversee the distribution.

The project will be implemented over a five-month period from July to November. Every month, 3,000 families will benefit from the program. In the coming days, the Prelacy will provide the necessary information to the community.

“The honorable Mr. & Mrs. Alecco and Annie Bezikian have been faithful friends of the Holy See and devout benefactors,” said the Executive Board of the Great House of Cilicia Catholicosate.

“Thus, the Bezikians’ significant contributions to the Antelias Monastery, the St. Mary’s Monastery in Bikfaya, the “Birds’ Nest” orphanage, as well as their assitance toward Armenia, the Lebanese Armenian community and other efforts in support of the Armenian Cause are a testament to their spirit of generosity, their deep belief and unwavering commitment,” added the Catholicosate Executive Board.

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