Why is Ambassador Tracy Avoiding the Real Issues in Syunik?

Garo Armenian
Why is US Amb. Lynne Tracy playing ignorant in her response to reporters in Syunik, Armenia where she has been spending her vacation this week? Instead of condemning outright the continuing Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression and threats against Artsakh and Armenia, she makes vague allusions to border incidents along with some meaningless counsel to the parties to exercise restraint. Not a single word as to who the obvious culprit is!
Instead she decides to lecture about the potential for international tourism in Syunik…!! As though nothing unusual existed in Armenia’s life! No enemies existed on the very borders of the province! No Azerbaijani soldiers have been violating Artsakh’s and Armenia’s sovereign territory! No harassment of civilian life poisoned people’s everyday activity! No Covid 19 threats paralyzed the lives of the families in Armenia and Artsakh with the US still monopolizing the supplies of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and disallowing their transfer, in meaningful quantities, to places like Armenia!
PR aside, which we understand, the US Ambassador is expected to be straightforward with the public, when she speaks, and focus on the real issues of the country.

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