We will – as we must – press forward and win. We shall collectively overcome this hurdle: a message from ARF Bureau representative Hagop Der Khachadourian

Dear fellow Armenians,

Once again, Azerbaijan, with the active backing of Turkey, has attacked our homeland.

Baku’s brutal assault along the Artsakh border has targeted not only our army but also unarmed civilians in border areas and even in and around Stepanakert. Azerbaijan has also dared to attack cities in the Armenian Republic.

Although the Armenian army – committed to victory – has counterattacked, we have taken losses. We mourn our fallen, honor their sacred memories and extend our deepest condolences to those they have left behind.

We are heartened by the solidarity of all Armenians – in the homeland and around the world – and our collective resolve to act as one in facing this existential threat to our homeland and nation.

We will defend our Hairenik at all costs. We will show our enemies that they are attacking a united nation – waging a war against the combined power of Armenians across every continent.

We must defeat our enemies in such a way that Azerbaijan and Turkey will never again dare to attack Artsakh or Armenia.

Dear compatriots,

The enemy has unleashed a war against all Armenians.

Today, each of us is enlisted in this great struggle, each called upon by our nation to dedicate our full energies to this battle.

Make no mistake. This is a fight for life and death and not only on the frontiers of Artsakh.

On the front lines, our brave Armenian soldiers – guided by the immortal motto of Liberty or Death – are risking all to save our homeland.

They are not alone. They will never be alone.

They are joined by Armenians throughout the world, fighting in the world’s capitals and across multiple political and informational battlefields to protect Artsakh and Armenia.

From the very first moments of the attacks, the ARF-Dashnaktsoutioun  deployed its resources in Armenia, Artsakh and throughout the Diaspora by sending trained volunteers from Armenia to the front, launching international advocacy campaigns, energizing the worldwide Armenian communities in support of the homeland and providing needed supplies and logistical support.

Thus from September 27 we immediately started working on at least four fronts:

  • First – on the battlefield:

We mobilized our volunteer reservists in Armenia and Artsakh, deploying them to the front lines, under the command of Artsakh’s Defense Forces. Our deepest respect goes to each of these volunteers and to all those who have responded to the call for mobilization and are today fighting alongside our soldiers on the battlefields.

  • Second – in solidarity for the creation of a worldwide united front:

We have helped foster national unity – in words and action – recognizing that solidarity around shared national goals has always been the key to our survival and success.

We will continue to strengthen this unity – inside our homeland and across our Diaspora. Setting aside all internal issues, we will concentrate on the sacred defense of our homeland and the lives of our citizens and soldiers.

3) Third – by expanding our struggle & support around the globe:

Our struggle is not only on the borders of Artsakh or the airspace over Armenia. Today, we are fighting multiple battles across global political and informational platforms.

To affirm the truth. To fight the Azeri and Turkish lies. To show the true genocidal intentions – the murderous and merciless actions – of Ankara and Baku.

To move international public opinion and political leaders to confront Turkey and Azerbaijan, and to stand with Artsakh and Armenia.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are now further escalating their attack by recruiting international terrorists as paid mercenaries to wage their anti-Armenian atrocities in order to turn the tide of war.

In this light, our work around the globe is more vital than ever.

We have already begun to harvest the results of our labors – through the non-stop advocacy of Armenian National Committees across the Americas, Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East, even within the Arab and Islamic worlds. We are redoubling our efforts with regional powers and the Minsk Group co-chair countries. And our youth – on the ground in cities all over the globe – are protesting in the streets and defending our interests across social networks.

4) Fourth – with our financial support:

We have undertaken pan-Armenian fundraising to meet the immediate socioeconomic needs of our army and homeland. At the same time, we are providing also much needed supplies – medicine, food, clothing – to our soldiers, volunteers and their families.

Dear countrymen,

Our nation is in danger. Our future is at stake. Our legacy will be written in the days and weeks ahead.

We will – as we must – press forward and win. We shall collectively overcome this hurdle as well. With all our strength.

Toward our aims. Toward victory.

Long live our brave army,

Long live the Artsakh Republic,

Long live the Republic of Armenia,

Long live the Armenian people!


3 October 2020

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