The Armenian community of Morocco

Approximately 100- 110 Armenians are currently living in Morocco.

The Armenian community of the country has never been large in number in different periods of time. Armenians settled in Morocco mostly after the Genocide, and some after WW2.

In an interview with ARMENPRESS, Poghos Karapetyan, the advisor to Armenia’s minister of Diaspora in Morocco said there is little specific information available on the formation of the Armenian community in the country. According to some sources, the community was formed in the 1920s, while the archives of the AGBU state that the first branch of the union was established in Casablanca in 1931.

Although Armenians settled here many years ago, they didn’t have cultural centers or schools. The Surmenyan family is the first to settle in Morocco, which subsequently established industrial enterprises, namely a rubber plant. The descendants of this family – Vahram Surmenyan and his grandson Narek are currently living in Casablanca”, Karapetyan said.

According to sources dating back to the 1950s, nearly 400 Armenians lived in Morocco. Prominent Armenians include Soghomon Tehlerian and others. Armenians of Morocco were engaged in trade and craftsmanship. Representatives of the Armenian community included prominent doctor Artahelvajyan, architect Perj Varjapetyan, tradesmen Harutyunyans and Paltayans and others.

Karapetyan says Armenians are also actively working today in various branches in the country, for example doctor Hovhannes Duryan, scientist H. Syulahyan, businessman E. Ramichyan, restaurateur Gevorg Hamamjyan and others.

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