Ontario Premier Doug Ford issues statement on 105th anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has issued a statement on the 105th anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

“I am honored to extend greetings to members of the Armenian community, and to everyone honoring the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. I want to commend the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Toronto for raising awareness of this important event,” the Premier said.

“Today, we honor the victims of the Medz Yeghern. We mourn those who tragically lost their lives during this dark time in history, and we remember those who were displaced from their homes,” he added.

“This solemn occasion is a poignant reminder of the need to continue building a world free from violence and injustice. I say this to you as Premier of a province that cherishes its diversity and places great value on creating a peaceful and harmonious society,” Doug Ford stated.

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