On the “normalization” of the relations between Turkey & Armenia: Statement By ARF Armen Karo Student Organization

On the “normalization” of the relations between Turkey & Armenia

On December 13-14, Turkey and Armenia have pledged to normalize their diplomatic bilateral relations.

Through this new process, Armenia, although underscoring relations without preconditions, is implicitly accepting the Turkish side’s conditions. It is apparent that Yerevan is abandoning the Genocide recognition process and is considering the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict as resolved. Thus, the Armenian Government is contributing to the destruction of the foundations of its Statehood.

Both countries have appointed special envoys to start the normalization process. This process is a direct result of the new 3+3 negotiation format, which undermines all the diplomatic provisions guaranteed under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Turkey’s special envoy, Mr. Serdar Kılıç, a former ambassador to the United States, is a fervent Genocide denier and supporter of the Grey Wolves terrorist organization. Such a political figure cannot lead normalization discussions with Armenia.


  • Considering that expansionist and authoritarian regimes threaten Armenia’s territorial integrity,
  • Considering the aggressive behavior of the Republic of Turkey, that unequivocally prioritizes the use of force, as proven by the constant invasions of Armenian territory since November 2020,
  • Considering that the vital interests of the Armenian Republics cannot be guaranteed under the 3+3 format and the subsequent conditions imposed by the Republic of Turkey,

The Armen Karo Student Organization:

– Emphasizes the illegitimacy of the Nov. 9 agreement and its subsequent rapprochement with Turkey, which cannot become the basis for negotiations in the establishment of a durable and a lasting peace in the conflict within the South Caucasus;

– Demands the return of the OSCE Minsk Group negotiation format, headed by the co-chairmanship consisting of France, Russia and the United States, and to emphasize the primacy of the right to self-determination of the indegeneous people of Artsakh;

– Reminds the Armenian leadership to prioritize the security and status of the Republic of Artsakh in all bilateral and multilateral negotiations;

– Calls on the Armenian leadership to defend the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, including the backbone of the Armenian State, namely the province of Syunik.

– Calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan, responsible for policies that counter the vital interests of the Armenian State; including the opening of the so-called “Zangezur corridor” which expands neo-ottoman ambitions outside the Turkic world and encroaches on the internationally recognized sovereign territory of Armenia.



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