Key tasks for the development of Kazakhstan

In the near future, Kazakhstan needs to continue further implementation of the following tasks of socio-economic development: economic and technological growth; ensuring employment of the population; continuation of work on the development of effective public administration. It is necessary to continue the fight against corruption and strengthen the principles of the rule of law.

In this regard, it is necessary to consider the creation of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and launch a nationwide ‘Clean Hands’ campaign in order to identify more officials and other high-ranking government officials when they commit corruption crimes. It is necessary to strengthen the activities of the state to increase the income of citizens and the affordability of housing, as well as to ensure the safety of citizens, law and order and on many other topical issues in the life of society.

As you know, on September 9, 2020, President Tokayev issued a decree to establish an Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms in Kazakhstan. A reasonable question arises among the public of the country: has the new agency developed a strategy and concept for the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan, or is the issue under development?

Regarding the social policy of the state to improve the welfare of the population and incomes of citizens, attention should be paid to successful international experience. For example, more than a trillion dollars is now concentrated in the national sovereign wealth fund of five million Norway. All financial resources from the sale of oil and gas go to this fund. And, accordingly, the government of Norway directs the funds of the National Fund to the social sphere. Today, the assets in the National Fund of Kazakhstan amounted to 27.6 trillion tenge (about $53.26 billion), together with the international gold and foreign exchange reserves of our country – about $90 billion. This is more than 20 times less than in the sovereign fund of Norway. However, Kazakhstan has its own safety cushion in the form of the National Fund or the Fund for Future Generations.

The main values ​​and priorities of the new social policy are the following key aspects and postulates:

  • Strengthening of statehood. The first priority in this area is the institution of presidential power and parliamentarism. It lies in the formula of unity and cooperation of all branches of government and institutions of civil society and increasing the political responsibility of deputies at all levels. The next priorities of the state are freedom, law, harmony, social justice, equality, patriotism, the responsibility of a citizen to society and society to a citizen, the unity of human rights and duties.
  • The role of the state in ensuring the rule of law and fair competition. The quality of public property management. The priority is the development of high-tech innovative sectors of the economy, education, science and industry.
  • State and private ownership, competitive market and mixed economy with elements of state planning.
  • Kazakhstan should be oriented towards a renewed social liberalism, recognizing the universal responsibility of the state and citizens for the creation of a “Society of General Welfare and Equal Opportunities” and the prevention of “market failures”. One of the priorities is a social state, for example, social support for pensioners, working and creative youth, protection of motherhood and childhood, affordable mortgages of 1-5%, and stimulation of housing and rental construction with the right to further redemption.

“Initiative Security”


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