It’s time to mobilize and combat on on all fronts: ARF Bureau Youth Office Executive Director

Dear fellow Armenian compatriots,

From the early days of the hostilities launched by Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, against the Armenian people, ARF youth from across the globe have been at the frontlines in combatting the aggression of these two criminal regimes both in the homeland and in the diaspora.

The struggle for survival is being fought on many fronts and in order to succeed, we must exceed all expectations.

These fronts are:

  • On the political and diplomatic front, we must demand the recognition of the Republic of Artsakh and the self-determination and fundamental human rights of Armenians of Artsakh to live freely and peacefully on the land of their ancestors. We must also demand the condemnation of the inhumane and unprovoked invasion of the nomadic tribes in Artsakh.
  • On the information and propaganda front, we owe it to ourselves and to humanity to present the just position of the righteous Armenian people to the world in order to establish pro-Armenian sentiment. In addition, we must work hard to prevent the spread of misinformation and falsified news by Azerbaijan.
  • As a global Armenian nation, we must continue to support the Armenians of Artsakh and the Armenian Armed Forces by continuing to donate money, medicinal supplies, and any other necessary sources.
  • Lastly, and of paramount importance, the military front of Artsakh – We must defend the borders of our sacred homeland and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Artsakh.

In the last month, ARF Youth (AYF’s and Student Associations) in the homeland and the diaspora have played a significant role in fighting the abovementioned fronts by unifying the efforts of Armenian youth everywhere.

As a pan-Armenian youth organization, we have utilized our political relationships with the international community. We have organized large scale demonstrations around the world in various diaspora communities in a strong attempt to galvanize the various Armenian communities. We have and continue to inform the international community and various political youth groups about the accurate origins of the history of the Artsakh conflict, the current war, and the details of the battlefield. Through these efforts, we have emphasized the fact that Armenia is up against not only Azerbaijan, but also Turkish special forces and jihadist mercenaries.

Evidently, over a century later, Armenians are still actively fighting against pan-Turkism. I am confident that with the following steps and actions we will reach a just and victorious end to this fight for survival:

  • We are against all defeatist mentalities.
  • We reject any solution that does not recognize the Republic of Artsakh.
  • The recognition of Artsakh by the Republic of Armenia and other world powers is an absolute priority.
  • National unity and the mobilization of all forces is necessary in order to ensure victory.
  • Being collectively prepared and organized is the only way to produce effective results on all fronts.
  • A careful and well calculated political diplomacy is necessary to ensure a just solution to the liberation of Artsakh.
  • This war has shown once again that the struggle for Artsakh’s liberation is a long one. Each individual and especially every young Armenian must channel their patriotism and nationalistic sentiments into a steady and dedicated commitment to help this fight on all fronts.

The time to simply react is over. It’s time to mobilize and organize with the above-mentioned principals in mind in order to combat the efforts of Turkey and Azerbaijan on every front.

The Republic of Artsakh will remain Armenian. The ARF Youth and Student Associations are committed to the victory in Artsakh and a victorious and final end to the Artsakh war.

The sacred work towards these goals requires unmatched dedication and sacrifice. In addition to the many sacrifices the Armenian nation has made on the battlefield, the following members of the ARF youth organizations were also martyred: Aram Grigoryan, Vigen Muradyan, Benjamin Nalbandyan, Eric Galstyan.

We must continue fighting for the rights of our people and our homeland.

Eternal glory to all our martyrs.

Arshak Mesrobian

ARF Bureau Youth Office Executive Director

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