Iranian envoy reiterates support for Armenia’s territorial integrity

Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Mehdi Sobhani on Friday reiterated Tehran’s support for the country’s territorial integrity and its strong opposition to geopolitical changes in the South Caucasus.

“Iran’s policy towards Armenia is principled and any government that comes to power adheres to it,” he told reporters at the Iranian Embassy in Armenia amid a voting in Iran’s snap presidential elections.

“We respect Armenia’s territorial integrity and oppose any change in the internationally recognized borders and geopolitical changes,” the diplomat underscored.

“This principled policy will never change, regardless of the change of governments in Iran and Armenia,” Sobhani added.

The Iranian diplomat called Armenia a “good and honest neighbor”, highlighting the close connection between the security and interests of the two countries.

Asked how Iran would respond to Azerbaijan’s possible aggression against Armenia, particularly in Syunik Province, the envoy said. “They [Azerbaijan] should not use a threatening language when it comes to peaceful dialogue. As for cooperation with Armenia, it depends on the Armenian government. We are ready to cooperate with Armenia in all spheres.”

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