Iran and Armenia will not allow creation of corridor – Ambassador Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri

Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri said that the leaders of Armenia and Iran are closely following the regional developments. The Ambassador said that in this context Armenia and Iran must have a special agenda.

“Armenia and Iran are and will be neighbors. Of course, we see some ruse, they speak about so-called corridors and some actions, but Iran and Armenia will not allow the creation of such corridor,” the Iranian ambassador said.

He added that the stance of both the Iranian and Armenian sides is very clear.

“We must also be proactive. We must see what new steps we can take. We shouldn’t wait for a new idea to come up, for example, about the opening of a corridor, for us to start deciding what position to adopt. We shouldn’t allow such thing,” he said.

He said the establishment of the Iranian consulate-general in Kapan is an exemplary action in this regard, as well as the upcoming opening of the Armenian consulate in Tabriz.


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