French city of Décines-Charpieu calls for recognition of Artsakh

Armradio – The French city of Décines-Charpieu has adopted a resolution on the situation in Artsakh, calling on the French government to recognize the Artsakh Republic, Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry reports.

The resolution reads, in part:

“While there is an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis in the world, since September 27 we have witnessed an extraordinary attack by the Turkish armed forces, with the support of Syrian mercenaries, on the peaceful Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia.

This area in the eastern part of historical Armenia, the birthplace of Christianity, has been inhabited by Armenians for thousands of years. In 1921, by an arbitrary unilateral decision of Joseph Stalin, it was annexed to Azerbaijan. From 1988 onwards, the peoples’ desire for freedom forced the Soviet Socialist Republics to become independent states, which, under international law, were immediately recognized. The people of Artsakh declared themselves an independent republic through a referendum.

The question of the fate of this Christian territory of Artsakh և Armenia, on the eastern borders of the gates of Europe, goes beyond the limits of the future of its inhabitants. And everyone should realize that. A painful ceasefire was declared on November 9, and while we welcome the positive attitude of France, which called for an end to the fighting, we regret that the latter, like Europe and NATO, did not intervene to stop the invasive policy of Azerbaijan aimed at committing crimes against the Armenian population and gradually occupying the territories of Artsakh.

The Armenians of Artsakh and Armenia want to live freely and peacefully in their ancestral lands. Therefore, we regret the loss of the territories of Artsakh as a result of the ceasefire agreement.

Therefore, the city council of Décines-Charpieu expresses the following call:

  • Recognition of the Artsakh Republic by France as a guarantee of security of its population, regional and global stability,
  • Participation in the international humanitarian aid channel by providing exceptional financial assistance to the Artsakh Republic.

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