Emmanuel Macron reportedly intends to re-bury Missak Manouchian in Paris Pantheon

(Armradio) – French President Emmanuel Macron intends to re-bury Armenian poet and resistance fighter Missak Manouchian in the Pantheon, Europe 1 reports.

According to the report, the President of the Republic “is thinking about it very seriously.” “This file is at the top of the pile,” Europe 1 quotes a close adviser to the President as saying.

The report further says the committee mobilized for the transfer of the ashes of Missak Manouchian to the Pantheon will be received at the Élysée very soon.

For several years now, many personalities and political leaders have been campaigning for pantheonizing Manouchian.

Missak Manouchian, an Armenian, immigrated to France in 1925, became leader of the French Resistance Movemement. The Manouchian group was shot on February 21, 1944 at Mont-Valérien. That day, Missak wrote a last letter to his wife: “I am sure that the French people and all freedom fighters will be able to honor our memory with dignity.”

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