BREAKING: Syrian Army captures town in eastern Aleppo, inches closer to ISIS bastion

A major breakthrough was achieved on Tuesday morning as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) broke through Islamic State defenses in the town Rasm al-Harmel al-Imam, directly north of Deir Hafer in eastern Aleppo.

Its swift capture was secured in just a few hours after contingents exclusively composed of the SAA’s Tiger Forces stormed the town with an overwhelming fighting force.

According to a military source close to Al-Masdar News, dozens of ISIS insurgents were killed during the clashes.

Rasm al-Harmel al-Imam is located 6 kilometers north of Deir Hafer; its capture is vital as it will allow the SAA to attack Deir Hafer from both its western and northern axis.

Meanwhile, the SAA’s Tiger Forces still maintain control over the strategic Hamimah hill that overlooks and secures fire control over both Humaymah Al-Kabirah and Humaymah Saghirah, the last two ISIS-held villages west of Deir Hafer.

Furthermore, the advance looks to cutoff the Turkish Army from advancing deeper into Syria amid its ongoing Euphrates Shield campaign.

For an excellent 6-min battle video of clashes in the region, click here. Remarkably, the footage also features Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan, commander-in-chief of the Tiger Forces, directing his infantry and armored vehicles from a helicopter hovering above the battlefield.

Source: AMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز

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