Azeri expert lied about treatment of Ruben Vardanyan held in Baku prison

At last week’s Atlantic Council event, Esmira Jafarova lied about the treatment of political prisoner Ruben Vardanyan who is currently detained in Azerbaijan, Free Armenian Prisoners reported.

Jafarova stated that the International Committee of the Red Cross, after visiting Ruben Vardanyan in prison, concluded that he is being detained in accordance with international standards.

“But this could not have happened – as a matter of policy, the ICRC does not make determinations whether a detainee’s detention complies with international standards. And, in fact, Ruben’s legal team recently filed an urgent appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture that explains in detail how his detention violates numerous international standards,” Free Armenian Prisoners said in a post on Facebook.

“We call on the international community to join us in exposing this dishonesty,” it added.

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