Azerbaijani soldiers threaten civilians in Artsakh’s Khramort

The Azerbaijani troops have been terrorizing the residents of the village of Khramort in Artsakh’s Askeran region for several days now, reports.

They are using loudspeakers to demand that the civilians leave the village voluntarily, threatening to “use force” otherwise, Artsakh Public TV reporter Tsovinar Barkhudaryan said in a Facebook post on Friday, adding the Azeris are making the threats in Armenian.

“The threats are followed by the claims that Khramort is Azerbaijan, and, in general, Kharabakh is Azerbaijan, that we have allegedly occupied their lands,” the reporter wrote.

She said a total 98 families, including 11 displaced during the 2020 war, currently live in the village.

“Can you imagine hearing that voice every half an hour, when going to school, working in the garden, hanging out the laundry or eating?” Barkhudaryan said, stressing the Azeris are spreading panic among the Artsakh civilians.

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