Armenian Army downs Azerbaijani drone near Vardenis

The Armenian air defense units have downed an Aerostar drone belonging to the Azerbaijani military, the Defense Ministry reported publishing images from the wreckage. The Aerostar drone is produced by the Israeli Aeronautics Defense Systems.

The army stopped the attempts of Azerbaijani UAVs to violate Armenia’s airspace in Gegharkunik province on July 29 evening.

Debris from the drone landed in the vicinity of the village of Vanevan, the Defense Ministry added, urging social media users and the media against spreading unverified information.

In the wee hours of July 28, the Azerbaijani armed forces attacked the Armenian positions in Gegharkunik province, triggering local battles. Three Armenian troops were killed, five others were wounded in the process, the Defense Ministry said, adding that the Azerbaijani forces have been thwarted back to their positions. The Azerbaijanis fired on Armenian positions on July 29 too, injuring one more soldier.

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