Anush Sees Her Future In Artsakh

Meet Anush. She lives near the minefield at Kavak Monastery and is hopeful that Artsakh’s future will be bright. Every week she meets up with her friends at embroidering class. We joined her for one of her classes and listened as the girls chatted about their future goals– Aida wants to be an interior decorator and Anush, a doctor.

As Anush embroiders, she forgets all of the things that make her angry or cause her anxiety. “To me, peace means that everybody is living peacefully underneath blue skies,” she explains, “And that no one has to worry that something will happen to their children.”

In Artsakh, one-third of the victims of landmine-related accidents are children. Donate now to hire deminers and make Kavak Monastery safe for kids like Anush, Aida, and their friends.


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