ANCC Stands in Solidarity with all Canadians. Sends letter of support to the PM, Cabinet Ministers and 72 Members of Parliament

OTTAWA – Last week, in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister and fifteen cabinet ministers, the ANCC expressed its solidarity to the Canadian Government, amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. 

In the letter, ANCC co-presidents, Hrag Tarakdjian and Shahen Mirakian offered their help and support in any capacity in which the ANCC could help during these difficult times.

The co-presidents also mentioned that the ANCC and its affiliate community centres and organizations have already mobilized efforts, setting up helplines and volunteer teams to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

Most importantly, the letter urged the government to ensure that assistance funds are allocated to non-profits and charitable organization in Ottawa’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. 

The letter mentioned We also want to reiterate the importance of supporting not-for-profit organizations that play a central role in providing services to Canadians. The more financially sustainable and strong not-for-profit organizations are, the stronger and safer is our society”.

Similar letters of support were also sent to 72 members of parliament from across the nation, representing all political parties.

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