Aliyev is Risking a Regional War During a Global Pandemic

On March 30, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) made a statement on their Facebook page that reads,

”Today’s cross-border Azerbaijani aggression against the Tavush region of Armenia (two servicemen, one child wounded) confirms two realities:

1) The unwillingness of the OSCE to confront countless acts of obvious Azerbaijani aggression against both Armenia and Artsakh – in favor of the false-parity of generically calling on all parties to refrain from violence – has emboldened Baku to the point that it is today willing to risk a regional war during a global pandemic.

2) Armenians will never accept a Madrid-style deal that requires Artsakh to cede vast territory, strategic depth, sovereignty, and security upfront in return for vague, reversible paper promises from Azerbaijan that it will agree – at some undetermined point in the future – to a undefined process regarding Artsakh’s status”.

Read the ANCA position on the Madrid Principles:


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