Bidding Contest Announced for Installing Cameras at Armenia Polling Stations


Voter at polling station in Armenia (Photo: Armenpress)

Voter at polling station in Armenia (Photo: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The electoral commission of Armenia has announced a bidding contest for installing cameras at polling stations during the upcoming parliamentary elections, allowing everyone to follow a livestream of the election online, Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia Tigran Mukuchyan told reporters. “There is a deadline, after which the results of the contest will be announced,” Mukuchyan said.

Reporters asked if there is sufficient time to prepare and if it’s possible that the provision demanding cameras at the polling stations will not implemented. “I just point out the facts, which is that a contest has been announced, and decisions will be based on,” he said.

When reporters asked Mukuchyan if the law allows to not implement the provision on the cameras, he suggested to wait for the end of the contest. According to him, the law says that a contest must be announced where organizations can submit applications, and once requirements are met, the chosen organization will be responsible for that work.

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