Baku Should Negotiate with Karabakh says European Lawmaker

Frank Engel MEP in 2010 (Photo: EPP Group, Luxembourg)

Frank Engel MEP in 2010 (Photo: EPP Group, Luxembourg)

YEREVAN (—Azerbaijan should recognize need for direct negotiations with Karabakh, said a Member of the European Parliament Frank Engel. Engel said did not see any use in “resuming” what has never been a peace process anyway.

“Certainly not as long as Azerbaijan does not accept direct talks with Artsakh,” he said.

“And Armenia should heavily insist that the continuation of its otherwise useless membership of Russia’s “Eurasian Union” is conditioned by unfailing Russian support in Caucasian conflicts,” Engel added.

“Baku is trying to destabilize the situation on the border during the holidays,” said Engel.

“I suppose the Azerbaijani attacks follow a pattern which essentially consists of trying to instill the generalized feeling in Armenians that they should never be allowed to lead a carefree life around moments of celebration as long as Azerbaijan considers its situation unsatisfactory,” Frank Engel said emphasizing that he remembered when “President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan wanted to travel to Brussels last November, there were attacks on Artsakh and the President cancelled his trip due to the volatile security situation – which is exactly what Baku wanted and intended.”

The Azerbaijani armed forces on December 29 launched a diversionary infiltration attempt toward the Armenian military positions located southeast of Chinari village of Tavush Province of Armenia. As a result, the Artsakh Army lost three servicemen.

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