15-year-old Armenia boy invents drone-neutralizing device

15-year-old Armenia boy invents drone-neutralizing device –

News.am –  Although the course work of 15-year-old Armenian school student Spartak Aghababyan was initially making a Tesla pillar, the four-day war, which Azerbaijan had unleashed against Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) in early April, changed the youngster’s plan.

Instead, Spartak prepared a device in couple of months, and which can be used for military purposes.

“Disturbances can be caused in mobile phone connection with this device; the test succeeded to some extent,” he said. “Then I noticed that the touch screen system of the phone starts operating from the affect of the device. Then I accidentally saw that it also affects the operations of TVs and radio, and causes  noise in some radio waves.” 

The young boy, however, is not completely satisfied with this result, and he plans to cause system failure—with this device—in drones.

In Spartak’s words, the model he has made is an initial version, and the final one will be more powerful and intense.

Even though there are many similar devices in the world, Spartak maintained that the device he is working on can be connected to a touch screen, radio and TV, for the first time ever.

Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan had recently visited the school which Spartak Aghababyan attends, and he had gotten familiarized with this device.


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