Global Community Urged to Respond to Yazidi Genocide

Aziz Tamoyan, chairperson of the Yazidi National Union in Armenia

Aziz Tamoyan, chairperson of the Yazidi National Union in Armenia

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—”International organizations, civilized humanity and superpowers should take necessary steps to free more than 350 thousand Yazidis in Mosul, Northern Iraq and prevent the annihilation of Yazidis,” said Aziz Tamoyan, Chairperson of the Yazidi National Union in Armenia on Tuesday.

He called on Yazidis across the globe and all civilized people to be united in the fight against the Islamic State and to take relevant steps to ensure the security of the Yazidi population of Iraq.

“The IS militants are an evil to the world, and our goal is to reach the condemnation of their actions,” he said.

Journalist and human rights advocate Hasan Tamoyan reminded that the Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian was the first to raise the issue of the threat of annihilation of Yazidis on the international arena.

“The Armenian legislative initiative on labeling the atrocities against Yazidis as genocide is an important step that will lead to other recognition,” the journalist said.

“The United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union and other international organizations have already recognized the events as genocide, which comes to prove that the civilized world is not indifferent towards the pain of Yazidis,” he continued.

“Iraqi Yazidis have become victims of political games” and blamed those claiming leadership of the Yazidi community of Iraq for the situation, stressing the need for more intensified and effective efforts in fighting the Islamic State.

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