$21,422,477 Raised During Armenia Fund Telethon

The final pledge amount is celebrated at Armenia Fund Telethon

GLENDALE—The Armenia Fund Telethon, held on Thanksgiving Day, raised $21,422,477, which will be allocated to construction projects in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as to assist Syrian Armenians.

This year’s telethon marking the Fund’s 20th anniversary and the telethon’s 15th year, garnered nearly twice as much in pledges than was raised last year, which some more than $12 million for projects to improve water supply in Karabakh.

The 12-hour telethon, which aired from KCET studios in Burbank, complemented efforts throughout the world for the Armenia Fund.

The 13th European fundraising phone-a-thon held in France in the preceding days to solicit donations from Armenians living all over Europe received more than 1.4 million Euros (some $1.8 million) of pledges.

A dinner banquet in Moscow held earlier this month generated $12,100,000 in pledges.

A Fund-raising event in Lebanon is scheduled for December 8.

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