Appeal To Armenian Canadians

Appeal To Armenian Canadians –

The Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was successfully commemorated in 2015 by all of us by joining forces and working in unison and joint efforts.

The Canadian regional chapters of the Armenian political parties appeal to our compatriots in Canada to continue their exemplary work demonstrated while commemorating the Armenian Genocide Centennial to celebrate in 2016 the 25th anniversary of the independence of both Armenia and Artsakh. Additionally, we remind our compatriots to attend in large numbers the popular gathering in Ottawa on April 24 to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

In relevance to the present situation of the Syrian war, confirming party undertaking to nationalism and standing behind our pan-Armenian responsibilities, we appeal to our local communities to stand by their Syrian compatriots and offer them all kinds of assistance. Armenian Syrians have held in esteem their national mission for long and continue to be attached to their homes; therefore, we reconfirm our solidarity with our historical community of Syria.

Our readiness to serve the Armenian Cause makes us believe that a powerful Armenia and a committed Diaspora, hand in hand, will be able to sustain the unanimous will of all Armenians and to etch on stone the commandments to build a unified Armenia.

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Democratic Liberal Party

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