Genocide Survivor Asdghig Jakoujian Passes Away

Genocide Survivor Asdghig Jakoujian Passes Away –

Asdghig Jakoujian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, passed away Sunday. She was 102 years old. She was one of the last remaining survivors of the Armenian Genocide in the greater Toronto area.

 She was three years old when the Genocide began, but she was able to recall the things that happened years later to her family.

She was Born in 1912 in Dikranagerd. After the Armenian Genocide she moved with her family to Qamishli. In 1935 she married Mgrditch Jakoujian. In 1956 her family moved to Beirut and in 1971 she moved to Canada. She had 5 children 7 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren.

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